Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

The Washington Irrigator Newsletter Archive

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The Washington Irrigator Newsletter archives are a collection of articles about irrigation and topics related to water management.

Washington Irrigator Newsletter with Topic List


Adobe PDF January 1997 (35 KB)
  • 1997 Scientific Irrigation Scheduling Project
  • What is SIS?
  • WIF software
Adobe PDF July 1997 (36 KB)
  • Scientific Irrigation Scheduling Project
  • Irrigating with High Sodium Well Water
  • Keeping Microirrigation System - Clean is Critical
  • Irrigation Scheduling for Microirrigation Systems
  • PAM
  • Changes at PAWS
Adobe PDF January 1998 (95 KB)
  • SIS Project Wrapping Up
  • New AG Engineer at Prosser
  • Irrigation Scheduling Assistance Program
  • Benton Conservation District Update
  • News from the Roza-Sunnyside BOJC
  • Columbia Basin Onion Drip Irrigation Study
  • WIF Software to be included in PAWS
  • Effects of Polyacrylamide Calculated in Kittitas County
  • DOE 1998 Education and Technical Assistance Program
  • Irrigation Systems for Frost Protection in Orchards and Vineyards
  • Heavy Metals in the Environment
Adobe PDF October 1998 (203 KB)
  • 1998 Survey of Irrigation Scheduling Providers
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring in Furrow and Drip Irrigated Onions
  • Chemigation and Fertigation Technical Assistance Program
  • SIS, How Hard Can It Be?
Adobe PDF February 1999 (104 KB)
  • Washington Producers Implement Irrigation Scheduling
  • "Time" To Compare Soil Moisture Sensors
  • SIS Program 1998
  • Chemigation and Fertigation: Regulation and Practice
Adobe PDF July 1999 (130 KB)
  • How Soils Hold Water, A Home Experiment
  • Chemigation and Fertigation Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Much Water Is Your Crop Using?
  • What Is Your Irrigation System's Application Rate?
  • Application Rates of Irrigation Systems
Adobe PDF December 1999 (686 KB)
  • Agencies Help Washington Irrigators Implement Scheduling
  • WISE Release
  • Washington Web Site for Scientific Irrigation Scheduling
  • Cooperators For Self-Implemented Irrigation Scheduling
Adobe PDF July 2000 (536 KB)
  • WISE Tables
  • An Irrigation Scheduling Tool Without The Computer
  • A Direct Graphic Interface (DGI) For A Soil Moisture Logging Device
  • Micro-Logging Irrigation System On-Time
  • Soil-Moisture Sensors To Be Examined at Field Days
Adobe PDF December 2000 (1.94 MB)
  • Information Sheets From Irrigation Scheduling Conference
  • Soil Moisture Graphs On WSU Website
  • ET As An Irrigation Management Tool
  • Agrimet
  • Washington Irrigation Scheduling Expert (WISE) Release



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