Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

Water Measurement Calculators

Cipolletti (Trapezoidal) Weir: Flow rate for a Cipolletti weir. The weir opening has a flat bottom and sides that have a particular slope.

90° Triangular Notch Weir: Flow rate of a 90° triangular notch weir. The opening to this weir is a 90 degree triangular notch.

Parshall Flume: Flow rate for a Parshall Flume. It can be identified by both a section that has a contraction in the width of the flume as well as a dip in the elevation of the bottom of the flume.

Rectangular Contracted Weir: Flow rate for a rectangular contracted weir. A rectangular contracted weir has a rectangular opening where the sides are straight up and down.

Rectangular Submerged Orifices: Flow rate of water through a rectangular submerged orifice. A submerged orifice is an underwater hole that water goes through. In this case the hole has a rectangular shape.

Trapezoidal Flume: Flow rate for a trapezoidal flume. A trapezoidal flume has a flat bottom with sloped sides that contract in the center.

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Water flowing through a trapezoidal weir





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