Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

FAQs and Tutorials

Select from the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and tutorials on several pertinent issues in irrigation. A primary goal of WSU Extension is involvement with the public and with colleagues from other universities, through which many questions and areas of confusion are brought to light, discussed, and shared.

Agricultural FAQs

Frequently asked questions about water management, irrigation systems and irrigation scheduling for crops.

Residential FAQs

Frequently asked questions about residential water management, and choosing an irrigation system for a home.

Irrigation Tutorials

Articles that teach the basics about a soil's water holding capacity, irrigation management and irrigation scheduling. Additional resources include downloadable documents on drip irrigation, and Washington water rights.

Water Holding Experiment

A home experiment for learning about the water holding properties of soil. The experiment uses common household items to model how a soil holds water.


Troy Peters gives a water holding demonstration for growers





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