Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

Irrigation Scheduling Tables

To view the Excel files, you must have software that opens Microsoft Excel files. Right-Click, Save File As, to save the spreadsheet file to your desktop.

The WISE Tables are one page charts that help you schedule irrigation based on crop water use and soil moisture monitoring.  To use the tables, (Excel spreadsheets), you must first select the type of irrigation system that you are using, and then enter the variables for each field. 

Scheduling Tables (Excel)

Center Pivot Schedule [hrs/rev] (34 KB)
Center Pivot Schedule [irrig/wk] (30 KB)
Drip Tubing [hrs/on-day] (33 KB)
Drip Tubing [days/wk] (29 KB)
Drip Emitters [hrs/on-day] (32 KB)
Drip Emitters [days/wk] (29 KB)
Set Sprinklers [hrs/set] (31 KB)
Set Sprinklers [days/wk] (30 KB)



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