Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

Calibration of Liquid Fertilizer Flow

The calibration calculator helps growers calibrate their injection pumps by ensuring that the pumps are injecting at the proper rate. A pump running at the set injection rate should fill the given container size within the calculated time. If it fills in less time, the pump is injecting too fast. If the pump does not fill at the end of the fill time, it is pumping too slow. Fact Sheet on How to Do A Calibration Here. Learn more about the units used on this page.

Set/Desired Injection Rate:
Container Size or Volume to Fill:
Fill Time if Accurate:

The Equation

The required time in minutes that it would take to fill the given volume at the specified injection rate:


= Desired or set injection rate in gallons per hour (gph).

= Container size or volume level being filled in gallons.

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