Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

Irrigation System Capacity

This provides an estimate of the water flow requirements to replace water lost to evapotranspiration (crop water use). This can be used to size pumps, water meters, or design irrigation systems. Go here to estimate the design capacity from historical crop water use requirements, your crop, your irrigation system, and your soil. Learn more about the units used on this page.

What Is My Irrigation System's Design Capacity

Which of the following do you know?:

System Capacity:


Minimum System Design Capacity

Peak Crop Watering Rate:
Available Operation Time Per Day:
Irrigation Application Efficiency:
Minimum Design Capacity Required:


Total System Design Flow Rate

Calculate the minimum system design capacity above, then use your irrigated area to find the total flow rate requirements for your system.

Irrigated Area:
Total System Capacity Requirements:






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